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Conversation Between content-team and Chrisclover

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  1. Hi, I am pleased to use the tapatalk because of its convenience,like it does not refresh the page and goes back to the first post. But it is such a pity that it does not support the visitor message. Last time you told me that PSD may consider building a new android APP using the framework of tapatalk, any progress so far ?
  2. In terms of loading time, Tapatalk is longer than the current App. I really anticipate a standalone App update, whether it is based on Tapatalk framework or not. Anyway, i appreciate your effort, thanks for providing services patiently.
  3. Thanks,man .For the time being ,i am fine with Tapatalk .The only thing i do not quite agree is that once i tap the post ,it will show me several options,which makes me frown.It will be better if it happens when i keep touching the screen rather than a single tap .
  4. Hey - we were testing the new updated versions of the standalone apps provided by vBulletin and they were absolute garbage. Rather than fix most of the bugs, they simply reduced functionality make it useless.

    The next best option was to use Tapatalk for the time being. I've been using it myself and it is a really good app. Haven't tried it on Android yet, but I've heard good things. If we see users really starting to use the Tapatalk app, we will look to build our own branded, standalone version of the app using the Tapatalk framework.
  5. Hey ,man,when you were saying there would be an App update ,did you mean PSD is compatible in Tapatalk?Or will there be a standalone App?
  6. Thanks, man. what are the new features ?
  7. Hoping to have it sometime next week.
  8. Hey man ,how is the Android App update going ?
  9. thanks,hope it will be sooner rather than later
  10. Not sure, still waiting on an update. I'll let you know.
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