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Conversation Between dabears34ft and giventofly

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  1. dude I just get pissed that people don't value anyone's opinion, and I get mad that everyone thinks that I'm saying to play smallball all game, which I'm not. I just want high avg., high obp, low strikeout guys at the top of the order. I'm all for Fonty, Bradley, Lee, Ramirez, Soriano, Soto, Fuku, Theriot. That would be vs. Righties, than flip flop Fonty and Theriot vs. Lefties. I think this maximizes everyone's potential.
  2. Calm down. There was a difference between mine and your posts. I deleted the other namecalling posts as well.
  3. seriously though dude, you can talk ****, but when I call you out you delete my ****. ****ing hypocrite
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