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Conversation Between nykol and Denver-boy

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  1. Id be more lenient on you if you were just Questionable about Tebow. but your going out and saying he's a bum, your insulting him your hating on, your going out and saying Tebow cant even touch Orton's skill sets? Orton's Skill-sets led us to 2-14 last season, 8-8 the year before, and now 1-4. and he's thrown 7 int's and 2 fumbles in 5 games. Im not ashamed to say Im one of the BIGGEST Orton Haters!! but AT LEAST I gave Orton 2 season before I called him garbage, I rest my case.
  2. haha your argument is pathetic REALLY. lol I am ahead. And I am Done with this. done try to reason with your crazy hate towards Tebow. he's the STARTING qb, as it was announced today. deal with it however you like but he'll prove you wrong and every nasty comment you have ever said about him, and when he does, I really hope the guilt of doubting him gets to you! I hope you can't live with the guilt, and you get outraged and eventually don't become a Bronco Fan cause your hate is inexcusable, YOU and the other so Called bronco fans taking the LOW road by being pure ignorant! Im done
  3. WELL tebow starting BETTER not hear ONE nasty comment like that again HAHA you root for the whole TEAM right lol do IT!!!

    and for the record, Cause I've been here a lot longer than you have on this site. I've Always said McDaniel's was a Bum, from the start to finish. You might not know that cause you werent here. Ive been supporting the Broncos since 1980, back when Broncos were the Orange Crush. back when theyre was NO Elway yet. Just spend supporting the Broncos over 31 years, and I'll say your better bronco fan than me... maybe. Im a hometown guy too, ive grew up here. based off your name you sound like a New York wannabe Bronco fan. go support the jets or giants.. will trade Orton down there to replace sanchez.
  4. Dont Support Tebow I guess you not considered a bronco fan than lol, Maybe you can root for the dolphins when ORtons traded. I know ur upset Orton GOT BENCHED!!! little bitter Tebow brought us back in it, maybe Broncos is NOT your TEAM, if YOU think tebows a bum. I certianly wouldnt miss your comments or you.
  5. Fox Love, Orton Love=
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