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Conversation Between nykol and Game_Over

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  1. yeah i know what you mean sometimes.. with the tebowmania going on there are 3 types of Broncos fans right now..

    'authentic' - will stick by the team, not just a player or two, through thick and thin, but at the same time not afraid to voice displeasure, or concern but at the end of the day they will always bleed orange.

    'extremists' - fans, sometimes even hardcore, but if you dont agree with their thinking or beleifs.. you're not a true fan/you're an idiot.. you know lol, its the guys who will ALL CAPS their opinion on a player/situation

    'fairweather' - hard to differentiate between the first two but truly just a big fan of a certain player (Tebow).. bandwagon is the more common term
  2. Thank you, I was wondering if there were any smart Broncos fans out there lol..
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