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Conversation Between ******2017 and blujaysrock

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  1. lol

    you still running that business?
  2. you should check it out, it's quite entertaining.
  3. happen to catch any breaking amish on TLC? Seems fake to me But most television is i guess
  4. dammit, i had a question that i was hoping you could answer.

    you watch any tv? breaking bad and what not? Most shows i watch are the ones on netflix since my sattelite is ****
  5. gotta keep your face warm, winter is coming.

    you happen to watch the walking dead?
  6. you still rocking the chin beard? I had one for a while but got a little scraggly
  7. good one!
  8. someday... someday
  9. which is almost 40k

  10. was at like 40 k when i left a year ago, damn slackers
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