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Conversation Between COOLbeans and RealWarriorGM

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  1. Johnson's better than anybody in this draft, no question. So that could be a good trade. But Kanter could also still be available at 4. Though he could always be a bust the Cavs would have to gamble no matter what on that pick. And Johnson's a sure bet.
  2. I was just thinking. The Cavs have that trade exemption from Lebron James! Why not pay for a star. Joe Johnson is better then anyone in this draft probably. And giving up the #4 pick, the exemption and something else would work really well for Atlanta! They would have payroll flexibility to re-sign Jamal Crawford and would still have a playoff team Cleveland would have a star to build around with Joe Johnson..


    pg- Irving
    sg- J.Johnson
    sf- FA/draft
    pf- Jamison
    c- Varejao


    pg- Hinrich
    sg- crawford/ draft or FA
    sf- m.williams
    pf- J.smith
    c - Horford
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