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Conversation Between RedWings13 and Shaiza

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  1. Thank you, didn't even realize
  2. I think you are up
  3. up in RD
  4. We have a couple of gms who could really use a co but yeah things are going well.
  5. Oh geez, I apologize, I just saw this.

    I'm sure things are running smoothly without me. Let me know if you need help with anything though!
  6. Responding to your post in the lounge, we could really use a good, experienced poster like you to help guide some of our new people in as well as be around for myself personally with advice
  7. NHL Redraft Sign-Ups:
  8. Can you come back and vote for another team than the Sharks.
  9. Posted it in the lounge but wanted to message you as well, took my laptop in to get fixed today so I need somebody to take over voting until it's back.
  10. It's to prevent teams from loading up on players and reaching the cap without any wiggle room. Realistically, you need extra forwards to have on the roster. I'm sure you understand in that aspect. Screw the DQ, it's come too far.

    Gee, I didn't know that. If TO doesn't mind helping out, then please relay to him to continue helping out to finish here. Thanks.
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