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Conversation Between j-mart and Kakaroach

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  1. Yeah man, it was awesome to see you in the game thread the other day! Keep up the good work and yeah Lions will find out who are the real kings of the jungle this week. WHO DEY
  2. Hey Kakaroach! I post quite a bit in baseball and basketball forums. I find I often end up posting mostly on game days for football. Anyway, another win for the Bengals this week and waiting for the Lions to come in to the jungle next week to find out who the real kings are.
  3. Hey what up my man J-mart! I see you've been posting a lot in the NBA forum, good to see another Bengals fan loves basketball lol. Speaking of which, don't forget to post in the Bengals forum.
  4. Thanks, you too. I'll try to be more active in the Bengals forum - especially on game days.
  5. Your a good poster j-mart, you should post more in the Bengals forum!
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