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Conversation Between Aust and Norm

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  1. Yes
  2. Would you pull the trigger on a deal with Philly for Mychal Kendricks for a 2nd?
  3. That got me way too bent out of shape. Seriously, think of all the time I spend talking football. Can anyone seriously think I don't know how restructuring works to a degree?

    Not my fault he didn't know and had to cover his behind then try to spin it like I WAS WRONG lol.

    I def worded that poorly but it was obvious I meant about his Romo quote, just pay him SB and then Jones pays that out of pocket and there's no cap hit. That's definitely what he said and what I was saying was wrong. Oh well.

    I'm on edge for the game I suppose.
  4. I didn't say anything because I thought that Cowboy's fan was being sarcastic about the cap space thing lol
  5. Lol he never bothers me I guess
  6. That guy is good at getting under my skin. He's like talking to a wall where nothing you say will ever matter and you find yourself wasting 3 hours and 20+ pages arguing over something stupid.
  7. Lol I don't remember you doing it. You always seem calm
  8. Really? I curse a lot in Pats forum GTs. Too much actually. I need to cool it.
  9. Maybe just some new guy then. Hmm. Okie dokie thx
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