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Conversation Between Driven and croce_99

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  1. This is the first time I've logged on in over 2 months
    Kind of disappeared from this site.
  2. no longer a mod?

  3. Just post gay pictures on Wrigleys profile and that will probably do it haha
  4. do not make me post porn or make dupe accounts!!!

  5. You have a cult following you. If I did it, my house would be burnt down by tomorrow morning.
  6. croce!
  7. haha i think he just ignored my PM, u have permission to ban me
  8. haha yeah, i pmed him but he hasn't responded. good posting with you

  9. I don't even know what the bet was. I joined in on the fun the last 20 minutes after seeing 30 people viewing that forum.
    Tell DBroncs to do the duty....he would get enjoyment out of it.
  10. time to permaban me
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