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Conversation Between burgh_fan66 and Rush

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  1. No problem. Will do.
  2. Hey I misspelled Diamondbacks wrong in the name of the season game thread I made. Could you stop by and fix it. All it needs is the second d. Thanks
  3. All stickied. Let me know if you did the others as well and I'll do the same.
  4. Hey I asked Moose to take care of this but he isn't around much. I've been creating yearly discussion forums in the less active team forums so if you get a chance can you go sticky them for me and remove the old ones if they is one. I've got 4 done so far the dbacks, astros, royals and marlins. I'm going to do the Padres yet too and maybe the Indians and Twins (those two seem fairly active so I'm thinking a poster in there might do it)
  5. I posted a message in the forum. I'll keep checking in to see if he continues to do it.
  6. A Cub fan has taken over the Pirates game discussion thread. He is really just post padding now. Anything you can do to help out here?
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