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Conversation Between burgh_fan66 and J.Twiggy

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  1. Long way to go after the break we will see if the buccos can break the 19 season losing streak.
  2. Yeah only those pesky Nats in front of us in the NL
  3. Your pirates are doing pretty good heading into the break.
  4. That is still far too long you all just need to keep all that talent and build from that.
  5. Hate to say it but you are selling us short its been 18 years going on 19.
  6. I have a new respect for the Pirates no franchise should have to suffer 17 straight years of losing just not fair.
  7. I though a Caps-Pens matchup would happen. I actually predicted the Caps over the Pens in 7 in the confernece finals. However with how the last 2 games have went I'm not holding out hope of advancing.
  8. Do you think the Penguins and Caps might meet in the playoffs this year? oh and good series by the way pirate fans are very humble and classy.
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