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Conversation Between burgh_fan66 and MooseWithFleas

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  1. Royals and Marlins are finished as well, so sticky them when you can.
  2. I started working on giving some of the less active team forums game threads. I only have the Diamondbacks and Astros done right now but when you get a chance got sticky them for me. I'm going to do 3-5 more. I'm waiting to see if anyone steps up and does one for the Indians and Twins, those look popular enough that I would think someone would.

  3. Thanks for running the game burgh. Sorry the Pirates run came to a halt, I was pulling for 'em.
  4. Congratulations you are going to be the September PSD Pirate Fan of the Month winner. OK so technically if Cutch gets 5 hits tomorrow and Burnett walks no one or if Cutch gets 8 hits tomorrow it will be me but I'm ready to concede.
  5. Spam message in the Pirate forum from Helen09. I reported the message and deleted the content I hope that was ok. It was a link to groupon and a repeat of the first reply to the thread.
  6. Never a bother. Thanks for the dedication as always Burgh. Let me know if you need anything else.
  7. hate to bother you again but I noticed the Royals were the only team without a game discussion thread so I made them one. Sticky it when you get a chance. Also still would like to get my 2012 minor league thread stickied in the Pirates forum.
  8. Done. Thanks!
  9. Hey Moose, this is going to sound a little odd but I created a season discussion thread for the Diamondbacks. Felt sorry for them, lol. Stop by and sticky it, if you would. Also my minor league thread in the Pirates forum still needs stickied.
  10. New check in thread and new minor league thread in the Pirates forum. Getting ready for the new season. please stop by and sticky them for us. You can also unsticky the old threads and the ST Discussion.
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