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Conversation Between ciaban and Rush

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  1. So I'm back in now. Which is good, but I'll keep an eye out if there are any other problems with any of my posters./

    Someone isn't satisfied with their team winning.
    I don't know if it's ODP or a different 14 yearold but we got this going on in the dodgers thread.

    The dodgers are basically the XBOX ONES of baseball!!!!!!!!!! Nobody wants them!!!!!!!!!!! or cares!!!!! It's all about the Orange and Black!!!!! The team that actually plays late in October dum*b a**SES

    3 championships to 0 World Series appearances, look you got to accept facts. You are rooting for the WRONG TEAM!!!!!!!!!! You PICKED the WrONG team!!!!!!!! Switch your teams now!!!!!!!!! Become a fan of CHAMPS, not losers!!!!! That's right!!!!! In life sometimes you go with who the winners are!!!!!!!
  3. Hey over da pence is stirring up trouble again in the dodgers forum,
    Do you think you could take care of it?
  4. Hey would mind coming into the dodger forum and closing an active thread "Trade Rumors/Trade Ideas 2014" it's like 72 pages deep and most of the stuff being posted in it could be one in the off season thread.
  5. Hey rush, in the dodger forum there is a thread called "dodgers draft grant holmes" it's basically just the draft thread though, could you go in and change it's title?
  6. No problem.
  7. Could you merge two threads in the dodgers forum? They are both titled "AJ Ellis to get knee surgery"
  8. The dodgers forum off season thread has 1000 posts already a new one has been created, please close the old one.

    we got a thread about cheap sports gear could you close it please.
  10. Thank you very much.
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