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Conversation Between bwallstreet and BDawk4Prez

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  1. My apologies if my post offended you in the Bucs/pats thread. Most of the posters in here are associated with something: norm, chubby chicks. Pats fans, goat/cheating. Surf, dynasty. MTM, crappy qb insight. Me, anything bradford. I think you’re a good poster, I enjoy your thoughts on things. The racks thing is just something I always found funny, kind of unheard of. I meant no disrespect or ill feelings with it. Good luck against the Pats.
  2. Out, no time
  3. You still doing the mock draft?
  4. Broncos OTC in Mock Draft
  5. Eagles 148 OTC
  6. You going to pick, you've been OTC for 2.5 hours and are just surfing PSD?
  7. Just going off of what was pm to me.
  8. Not according to the draft order
  9. Someone said I was OTC so I picked
  10. Why did you skip Chiefs and Texans?
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