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Conversation Between mngopher35 and Quinnsanity

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  1. I'm mulling over offering you Klay and Zo for Admiral and Marion. Tell me why this is or isn't a good idea. On the one hand, Bron and Admiral is sex appeal forever. On the other hand, you'd have five starters picked in the first two rounds and I don't know if I can live with that.
  2. you are otc
  3. My 2/3/7 for your 1/6/8? We're in a weird position where I can barely upgrade within rounds because we started one pick apart lol.
  4. I know you're wheeling and dealing a lot and I'm trying to get a TE, so if you need a WR for something I'll give you Jermaine Kearse and Jesse James for Kyle Rudolph (we'd have to make the salary fit though).
  5. If push comes to shove and I have to rescind on Demps because of a variety of dumb factors that hit me in the nuts today, would you do Ripkowski for McDougald? He's your 3rd safety he means nothing lol.
  6. You here? I wanna talk about a deal.
  7. Don't have a stud left tackle to trade (well... I do... but I'm keeping Bakhtiari for now), but I have arguably the best guard in football in TJ Lang in a tag and trade deal. Interest you for Barr or Griff?
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