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Conversation Between mngopher35 and GREATNESS ONE

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  1. How do I attak Rosh's team? obviously Shaq is going Ham, hack a Shaq?
  2. Haha I am not trying to make it seem like I hate u now or anything if that's the impression from thread. I truly am just trying to point on what's going on with the game/voting. I think the voting process was broken before this anyways, this is just a different level I haven't seen or played before (in games that get like 11 votes almost no one can overcome part of a teams fanbase too).

    It's a game though and the most fun part is making the teams/chatzy anyways. I still think Kyle Kuzma is pretty darn sexy, no worries! I just am gonna defend my team in that thread etc.
  3. Bro, I always loved talking to you on Chatzy
  4. Would you be open to a 3 way trade?

    You get -Jack Sikma
    V gets- Tyson Chandler
    I get- Marcus Camby

  5. How you going to disappear now!!!?
  6. 9m
  7. You’re OTC in 11m!
  8. Whatcha want for your 3rd?
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