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Conversation Between cubbybear2290 and Norm

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  1. Not your fault, but Bill Willis went 10 rounds ago. They just spelled Willis like Wills so it didn't come up.
  2. <3 you too, Norm! Plus my defense is a lot of fun now!
    DE: Doug Atkins
    NT: Ted Washington
    WILL: Mike Curtis
    MIKE: Dick Butkus
    CB: Mel Blount
    FS: Steve Atwater

    I'm gonna hurt people, haha!
  3. I hate you. Was praying Ted Washington could make it to me.

    Probably for the best, I was close to my 90s and 00s already lol
  4. otc
  5. on deck
  6. up
  7. Otc.......
  8. on deck
  9. Well I'm the Jags and they suck. I just need to get starters. Mostly looking defense or OL at this point.
  10. Possibly, depends on the price tag.
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