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Conversation Between cubbybear2290 and SteelCurtain

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  1. No special teams in this draft buddy
  2. Looks dangerous to me
  3. Was planning on it but you confirmed what I was really thinking of doing. Not a bad front 7 so far, eh?
    DE:Howie Long (1980's)
    NT: Curley Culp (1970's)
    OLB: Charles Haley (1990's)
    ILB: Junior Seau (1990's)
    OLB: Rickey Jackson (1980's)
  4. Run a 3-4. Couple of great OLBs left
  5. Happy late b-day!!!
  6. No, you picked well with what tou could get. Really missed out on the 1st rounders though
  7. Also I'm really not sure if I have a plan. I'm just picking. I don't know if my guys even fit lol
  8. DON'T PATRONIZE ME!!!! lol
  9. Nice recovery buddy!
  10. This has been a very unfortunate week to start this lol. I just turned 26 and my GF has been having me busy with plans. But not a bad makeup on skips
    Marshall Faulk
    Jim Kelly
    Howie Long
    Junior Seau.

    So I didn't do great. But I made up I'd say.
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