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Conversation Between GREATNESS ONE and PatsSoxKnicks

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  1. I'll ask my Co but starting Mahorn is very eh in this, especially since we now have to move KG back to Center. But I'll see what he says.
  2. Vlade + Kukoc for Chandler + Mahorn?

    You can start Mahorn at PF w/KG at C?
  3. Would need to find a 3rd team. The problem is we need Vlade to start cause we can't start another current dude. So definitely open to trading him if we can get a 90s Center who we can start
  4. How do I get Vlade + Kukoc?
  5. hmm we have arenas
  6. We’re close, if I can get another player swap or addition, we’ll roll
  7. so you interested in Tyson for Kukoc?
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