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Conversation Between BDawk4Prez and homestarunner93

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  1. did you give up on the mock
  2. Weak. Just tote a Cards logo and Cowboys logo then, I guess.
  3. Too mean, I can't even do it as a joke.
  4. why not
  5. Ouch, not doing that one, lol.

    Want this in your sig with "RIP to the World's Greatest Intoxicated Murderer" under it
  7. I'll come up with something and let you know.
  8. Well, defense made cam look bad at least. Oh well, where is my sig?

    Hell, he kept giving us the ball and we didn't feel like taking advantage of it.
  9. what happened, old boy? where was that domination?
  10. lol I still thought it was funny.

    If not, maybe you could just put that you're mobile in the thread.
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