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Conversation Between ewing and dbroncos78087

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  1. Haha. And if it's just yourself, I don't think it's slavery. Win-win.
  2. A clone of me sounds great. I'm going to buy all of them
  3. Damn and I thought you were unique. I just passed a sign that said "Capitol City __ewing Company". There may have been a few letters not lit up but it sounds like they're pumping out clones of you.
  4. that is the point he believed in a greater law, in his case it was spiritual- for Jefferson it was inalienable rights- king thought if you acted righteously and accepted the punishment, your martyrdom would lead to salvation. To punish after this sacrifice has turned the hearts of the empowered is the opposite of his message IMO
  5. Of course he wouldn't want to, but his words indicate that acceptance of the consequences is necessary to ultimately overcome.
  6. do you think that MLK would want people to be punished for breaking racists law after the sacrifice they made lead to the law being changed?

    I agree with your point more than the one above it. I get his point, but I think that allowing everyone to use their judgment on what unjust laws are is dangerous and we should focus on repealing the unjust laws as opposed to ignoring them.
  8. Sports Illustrator is the site administrator. There are others that are administrators for technical reasons, but here is the list of forum leaders:
  9. whose that?
  10. Sorry, if you had access removed to a forum, then that decision would need to come down from an administrator.
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