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Conversation Between ewing and Hawkeye15

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  1. my brother and best friend are like that. I don't even need twitter, they are my twitter.
  2. I have no idea. My Phone is blowing up like crazy and I only have couple friends LOL
  3. what the hell is your team doing?
  4. It's madness. The arguments make no sense too. But environment matters. I agree. But there is a lot of variety in within races. Ok, so?
  5. am I on drugs? Sorry, but anyone who grew up playing basketball knows black kids are quicker, more explosive, and jump higher. I am not sure why that is taboo
  6. Reggie looks like he could still go get 18 a night
  7. They are ********. I like to drink and i almost never drive. When i do i am careful. The only time a regularly drive after drinking is once a week. I workout with a buddy who has twins. Afterward we get wings. We both have like 2 beers and ******** about old times. With the kids and **** i know he looks forward and he is a funny guy so i always go. How much freedom do people want to take away from us?
  8. I mean, I get the fact that most people say they have 2 beers and drive, and prolly have more. But if you can in fact understand that there are laws, and innocent people on the roads, and have the will power to just have 2 beers and a burger while watching a game, then drive home, wtf are people whining about?

    Reminds me of the, "have you ever been in a fight" threads. Everyone on PSD is a 10th degree black belt if you take those threads serious. I highly doubt there aren't plenty of people here who drive smashed all the time. Me, I stopped doing that when I was 23, and passed out at the wheel and smashed my car up. Haven't had more than 2 beers before driving in 14 years.
  9. yo, people on this site are crazy. I better stop having 2 beers and some wings at the pub every Wednesday
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