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Conversation Between ewing and Giannis94

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  1. Would I be defending the bucks right now? **** no. We have a top 3 talent in the league and our front office has ****ed up damn near every sitaution except for drafting Giannis and getting a new arena going back to the Ray allen trade. Look at my twitter during my ban.

    There is no other sport with less parity than the NBA. NFL, MLB, NHL? It's just not fun to watch

    Coincidence that PSD has gone downhill recently and also had a witch hunt for one of their finfest posters of all time? I'll let you decide.
  2. I got a 3 week ban for a very ticky-tacky post that I made when I was drunk. There was 1 post in 4/5 weeks ( a good stretch, I was making a concered effort to cool it). I also got a 2 month ban from the NBA forum. Which it's whatever; the NBA is trash anyway. I'd be taking a dump on the Bucks front office and ownership as is. I would dig up some posts, but like we all know the site has gone to hell and the features I would use to find them are broken (shocker!).

    You have unintelligent trolls (hey they get called out all the time and never banned. But that's cool) that will throw a KLove comp on Giannis; but lackluster comps like that his infiltrated the NBA forum. I simply responded and I was never was the aggressor.

    There was a witch hunt out for me., I got ****ed like Bernie Sanders did by Hillary and her cronies.
  3. If you ever see any trollish links that i can post, send them my way. Got to keep making psd gr8 again
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