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Conversation Between ewing and Chrisclover

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  1. just "HI"
  2. My PM box was full and couldnt get your PM. What were you trying to say?
  3. He was accused of making racist posts. A few PSD posters including me had tried to help him by asking the mods to alleviate the punishment but failed. BTW, you had better PM me instead of VM me since most of the time I use tapatalk, which doesnt show VMs.
  4. why was Pablonovi permabanned?
  5. I barely use FB. Maybe I sent them to a wrong email?
  6. yes, if you sent me something i must have missed it. Do you FB?
  7. Did you check your email?
  8. yea,i am clearing them.I am surprised that the inbox is so limited.
  9. chris you have clear out your notifications
  10. i mean use @ to mention somebody
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