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Conversation Between valade16 and murphturph

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  1. Lets make a new PSD re-draft happen!
  2. Your turn. If you’re not on in 10 mins I’ll pick from your list.
  3. You’ve been skipped, go make your pick ASAP.
  4. The ATRD sub-forum is now open. Please go here and sign-in/create your clubhouse:

    Also please vote on the poll in the Lounge thread.
  5. Otc
  6. You have been skipped, please go make your pick ASAP. Thanks.
  7. Your turn to pick in the ATRD
  8. Your turn to pick in the NBA ATRD.
  9. Hey, I have another trade lined up for Bellamy. If you want him, I need to know soon. Thanks.
  10. YOure up
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