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Conversation Between whitemamba33 and gotoHcarolina52

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  1. Where did I say they were going to three-peat?

    And Miami won't 3 peat if they can't get the first lol.
  2. So who was it that swept the Lakers? You can't three-peat when you get your bleep beat.
  3. So who was it that ****'ed LeBron's mom? Oh wait, we know the answer: West.

    So who was it that ****"ed LeBron's girlfriend? Oh wait, we know the answer to that one too LOL. Lewis FTW.
  4. So who was it that ****ed Pau's girlfriend? My money is on Barnes.
  5. Having LeBron, Wade, and Bosh all on one team, acting like a bunch of clowns and guaranteeing 7 championships...only to walk off their home floor leaving trails of tears like little school girls...


    But you keep holding on for dear life to those 2 more wins against Dallas. Maybe that will help you sleep tonight.
  6. 36pt loss to conclude a second-round sweep? Ouch.
  7. I'll take WAY WAY WAY more rings over a recent sweep.

    Good luck with that though.
  8. Compare recent playoff sweeps. /patheticexistencethatisyourself
  9. Compare championships.

  10. 2 wins >>>> SWEEP

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