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Conversation Between dbroncos78087 and GGGGG-Men

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  1. I couldn’t find your Twitter handle but knew you needed to see this.
  2. LOL really. It was a good one. So it started with some account named “African American” and another account that claimed to be the first account professor of African American studies who also happened to hate black people. That third account got in the mix near the end.
  3. Link says the account is suspended. what was it?
  4. LOL I think that I'm getting botted. This is some HILARIOUS stuff...
  5. We know they’re biased. If you hit the 500K+ option, it’s obvious their numbers are bunk.
  6. AH of course
  7. That tax tool was written and sponsored by AEI (American Enterprise Institute). Fun fact.
  8. I'm trying to get better at it and really only ever see it when someone else responds to him. It makes it easy since on the iPhone, you can't show the posts.
  9. Yeah he's been on ignore since before inauguration day....but I still find it hard not to click to view his posts just out of curiosity. And I do love his sig; it points out the GOP's ability to value land over people so long as they win because of it.
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