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Conversation Between warfelg and BDawk4Prez

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  1. No he just doesn't quote function for whatever reason despite being told how to.
  2. Is kobe1016 a bot?
  3. They donít want the help. Iíve offered to help in the main, repeatedly. Even said Iíd do ALL igts to help. It goes ignored. Pms go ignored but if you talk out of turn in a forum, TT is there to police it. Iíd be glad to be a mod, create topics and discussion and never post otherwise. Itís near comical that they cry mod-poor but wonít have an honest dialogue about fixing it.
  4. I just donít want it turning in to a **** show.
  5. Gotcha, we'll do our best to keep it in check. Feel free to report one or two here or there. For some like that, it takes having a case built up rather than one singular post.
  6. Itís more in general than anything specific. Heís trying to get a rise, just instead of actual discussion he goes all out surf.
  7. Hey if you don't mind, report the post so we have record of it. I'll try to find it, I don't check in on the NFCE threads as much as others.
  8. Hey. I love trash talk, but the outright baiting and trolling needs to be kept in check a bit with surf. I know heís a little different but heís getting a bit over the top.
  9. Link worked for me, so might be your computer having issues.

    It should be a rainbow colored rectangle.
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