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Conversation Between Patsfan56 and dbroncos78087

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  1. As someone who works a great deal with printers, some of these make me laugh but only to expose the pain they cause to my soul...

    This plus the first comment are golden.
  3. The more I look around the more I feel a bit embarrassed by those in my generation. We typically don't read anything that someone says or listen to their words but fill in what we want to imagine they said as it makes it easier to criticize them. He wanted to read something racist into what I said and so he saw it.

    That sounds interesting but extremely dangerous. Were you in the areas of Afghanistan that are more dangerous (I don't imagine there is an area that isn't dangerous but I could be wrong)? What does your company do?
  4. Not a problem, its always a source of frustration when people chose against arguing the merits of a position and take a cheaper alternative.
    Glad to be back in the forum. Got laid off last November, worked some security gigs in Africa and Afghanistan, and have started a new company which has now started to see some success.
    Have a great weekend!
  5. I appreciate the comment in the Israeli thread. It's a touchy subject to start with and if people are going to jump the race card when it doesn't belong, then it will get shut down and no one wins there.
  6. I saw your post and wanted to welcome you back. I know the shutdown is probably a nightmare for you so I wanted to provide you with what cheer it could bring.
  7. This amused me quite a bit, regardless of the opinion I would like to see Congress people do this in responses to letters.
  8. I see. Well depending on how things go I might head up that direction. I appreciate the help.
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