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Conversation Between valade16 and unleashthebeast

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  1. otc
  2. would you wanna do fox for mitchell? They were picked one pick apart, figured fox would be a better fit next to Russell. id add like a 5 for 6 pick swap too so you add a little value
  3. you're OTC
  4. Your turn to pick in the Re-Draft
  5. hey dude, you're up in the redraft
  6. Yo can you send in your deal with sox? Apparently you forgot to include the commishes on the PM. I’m getting players in that deal in a 3 way I got done yesterday so I need that one to go through first, haha
  7. The ATRD sub-forum is now open. Please go here and sign-in/create your clubhouse:

    Also please vote on the poll in the Lounge thread.
  8. Your matchup in the ATRD was posted in the NBA main. Good luck!
  9. Your first matchup was posted for the ATRD. Good Luck!
  10. Your turn in the ATRD
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