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Conversation Between D Blue987 and GREATNESS ONE

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  1. send me a list of the top 3/4 players you want
  2. You will have the next pick and then it will Snake back quickly for a Back2Back pick for you! Start thinking of which two players you want
  3. Yeah thats fine.
  4. Your pick, You want Magic?
  5. Ok if he takes Magic then you’re taking who? You can send me a little list or to Jaydubb. As soon as he picks, I’ll make your selection
  6. I think he's taking Shaq
  7. LakerShow has the 1st pick, you have the second pick. The draft clock starts at 9am Monday but people can pick beforehand . I’m going to set up a thread right now.
  8. Where do I see the rosters to know who is already picked?
  9. 2nd pick? Who you taking?!?!?
  10. You're in
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