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Conversation Between CMIII and Norm

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  1. haha thanks I thought it was pretty cool
  2. Nice sig.
  3. Haha, If I think of something I'll ask you.Nothing comes to mind.
  4. I'll try. Still can't overlap or do backgrounds, but it's a work in progress.
  5. Lol, thanks
  6. Welcome to the Ginger Wolverine bandwagon.
  7. Welcome to the Tim Masthay Bandwagon!!!
  8. You need to help us vote for Masthay in the +/- game!!!!!
  9. Yeah I was gonna mention hes been getting whipped
  10. I decided to change it to Masthay because I heard Gordy was bad at camp. During last season, I met Gordy at Wallmart, so I decided to make him my
    boy. He really let me down.
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