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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and xnick5757

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  1. the problem i have moving odell is that i want to do some stuff in FA too. since he only makes 3 mil any trade i make with him is gonna eat up most of my cap
  2. I assumed as much. I'd be open to a Jordy+ sort of trade if you want a replacement, or I'd be willing to give you a few of my defensive studs (I have SOOOO many of them now). If you wanna hold onto him I get it, but if there are things you're looking for I probably have them haha.
  3. uh not sure yet. don't want to trade away my biggest weapon unless i got something major in return.
  4. Nick gimme ODB. Packers. What do you want for him?
  5. good luck with that lol
  6. Decided I'm gonna pass, wanna go for Curry/Durant.
  7. any thoughts?
  8. ok dokay
  9. Ok I'll let you know tomorrow if I want to move forward.
  10. aight that works for me
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