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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and Mr. Baller

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  1. Gimme Derek Watt for my two 7s. You're just gonna VMSB a fullback anyway. Lemme reunite the brothers lol.
  2. I'll give you my 2/3/6 for your pick OTC/6/8
  3. Jermaine Kearse and Jesse James for Eifert?
  4. Jake Ryan, Brian Robison and Aaron Ripkowski for Vincent Rey?
  5. Well that's not happening so I guess no AJ for me then.
  6. The only way I trade AJ is if I get Aaron rodgers
  7. Jordy plus what for AJ?
  8. nope
  9. Anything but Magic/Bird for Draymond:

    Pistol Pete, Marc Gasol, Joakim Noah, Dan Roundfield, Baron Davis, Bob Dandridge, Dennis Scott, Mychal Thompson
  10. Hey, is Draymond available? Pistol Pete, Wes Unseld, Baron Davis, Bob Dandridge, Mychal Thompson and Dennis Scott are my trading chips.
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