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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and xxplayerxx23

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  1. Oh **** lmao my bad I misread the rules
  2. You don't have to protect anyone. You get an amnesty. You didn't make the playoffs last year.
  3. So... you still playing in the mock or?
  4. What would be added to jones?
  5. Never mind, I'll VM you back in a bit.
  6. Can you jump in a chatzy?
  7. Maybe. What would have to be added to jones?
  8. Fair enough. What about Burnett for Golden? Or maybe Marvin with another piece attached?
  9. Feel like his value is in the crapper tbh
  10. Hmm. How do you feel about Sam Shields? Obviously high risk/high reward. Either for one of the receivers or something else (I could use some OL, maybe Taylor Decker)
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