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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and ichitownclowni

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  1. I am not sure.
  2. Are we making the Rainey trade?
  3. If you want to tell me over PM so nobody sees that's fine, I'm not telling anyone, and besides, maybe I think I can top the offer and you have a bidding war on your hands lol.
  4. I cannot let those details be revealed yet
  5. Well now I'm curious, what's the trade?
  6. I am in the middle of a trade to send Ben packing.........................
  7. When? Because I'm talking other trades where I'd get an RB so Mendy that would make this trade useless on my part. And that pick will be middle of the round at best if Roethlisberger is your QB, people won't vote for crap QBs and will give Ben credit.
  8. That would be like the last pick in the round for one of the tops in the 2nd. IDK. If we are doing a real draft I know who i am taking 1st and 2nd round. Can I get back to you?
  9. What if I swap SF's 3 for your 2. 4's and below don't really interest me.
  10. What would you want? I am rebuilding so they should be decently high. maybe a 4th?
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