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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and Wrench

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  1. What would you want from me to upgrade Jordy to AJ?
  2. Charles Sims for one of your 3's?
  3. Sorry for the late reply work was crazy today. I'd have to wait and see who is on the board when I pick before I move down. I do like Sims from your list there but thats about it.
  4. Update: one of the picks between you and me is Philly. So really, you're just moving back two spots since Philly has done nothing.
  5. I just got Tennessee's 1st rounder. It's 3 picks behind yours. I want to move up just to assure myself one of the receivers, which are scarce, and you shouldn't mind moving down since you're going after defense, which is plentiful. So here's what's gonna happen: I'm gonna list some small pieces I have. You're gonna pick one. Maybe two, I'm a nice guy. Then we're gonna swap picks with those things. Here's the list: Charles Sims, Harry Douglas, Geronimo Allison, Jeff Janis, Blake Martinez, Ladarius Gunter, Quentin Rollins. I've also got a comp 5th rounder you can take too.
  6. Naturally haha. What are you looking for? I'm pretty open minded about my entire roster.
  7. You would have to give me alot being he is currently my only good CB lol
  8. Packers want Vontae.
  9. otc
  10. Jets OTC
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