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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and Sadds The Gr8

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  1. Hey man, you don't have an amnesty. You made the playoffs last year. You protect three players and the league takes the best player left for the draft pool.
  2. Hey we're really pressing up against the deadline lol. Less than an hour to go.
  3. Burnett for Wolfe?
  4. nah i need watkins more
  5. Burnett for Watkins style deal?
  6. What if I included No. 35?
  7. nah I think I could get a better player at 10
  8. If you're looking for secondary help would you do Burnett for your 1st rounder?
  9. I'm sort of out of ideas then. I have Weddle too but I wouldn't do Weddle straight up for Shady.
  10. wouldnt do that either
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