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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and The Jokemaker

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  1. wait nvm, i was misinformed
  2. youre up in all time redraft
  3. skipped again in superhero, youll have to picks to make
  4. i put up a signin thread for the superhero redraft, sign in if ya still wanna do it. thanks!
  5. Sounds good. Hopefully we get some good luck with this
  6. I'm down to send out a few messages in the next few days, now is certainly the time to get this thing going again, just stuck at the office ATM so don't want to get too deep into messaging people.
  7. yo if you interested in doing the superhero thing, message around a bit to see if we can get a couple active guys. I VM'd about 3-4 folks to see. This game has way too much potential to be in the **** condition it is in.
  8. Will do. I think they're trying to get the sign up thread going in the entertainment forum.
  9. Yup, count me in. Just keep me posted.
  10. Would you be up for a superhero redraft soon? There's been some talk in the thread of starting another one up.
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