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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and Giannis94

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  1. Who do you like from buff
  2. I'm good. I prefer my own team. Thanks though.
  3. Co the NFL? Really I can do a decent amount of the work. Just need someone to keep me in line like for player fits, etc.
  4. Wanna co the NFL Mock? My Bucks homerism is only limited to the NBA forum because the NBA is a 4 team league.
  5. Just curious, Jordy at all available since you have DeSean now? If so what would you want for him?
  6. Hey I'll give you a free 2nd round pick to swap Zuttah for Linsley. I just need the cap space, I figure you'd be amenable since you have it and Zuttah probably has more name value than Linsley anyway. Plus, free 2nd rounder!
  7. Na I don't want to give up Pau even if I miss on Marc.
  8. What would your thoughts be on a Al Jeff and probably another player base for Pau- is that something youd be open to discussing in the future?
  9. I think I'll pass for now, but let's talk more when FA gets cleared up. It's just tough since I have so much cap tied up into guys I'm chasing. I do like some of your guys I've just already made my big shakeup with the Iggy trade yesterday. I'll be in touch though.
  10. Lemme know if you see anyone on the horncats you like. willing to deal anyone but MKG unless I can upgrade him
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