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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and HunterNRoss

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  1. Would Tennessee's 1st round pick for Villanueva interest you?
  2. Clay Matthews, Sam Shields and Ty Montgomery for Lev and something TBD?
  3. Depends really. Everyone wants Bell. For me usually best if you just offer up and Ill let you know how I like it.
  4. What would you want in a tag and trade for Bell? I'm the Packers, have made a bunch of trades so roster is different.
  5. I'd like to trade for a tagged Bell depending on price.
  6. Packers would very much like Antonio Brown. Goes without saying that everyone but Rodgers is on the table.
  7. Roberson for pick 9?
  8. Zuttah plus a sweetener for Perryman?
  9. Ok, this time I've got it. Jose Calderon for Delly. Caldy is better. I just want that defensive PG. You could use some shooting anyway.
  10. So... Matty Dellavedova... available?
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