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Conversation Between statquo and ThomasTomasz

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  1. You should sticky the Wedneday Night rivalry thread blams made. I'll be in it tonight.
  2. I'm not sure if you'll see it by the time you read this but can you merge the two Vanek threads. Thanks
  3. Definitely excited when I heard that trade went through. I've been pretty busy the past month- work is pretty busy, and I am getting ready to close on a house I'm after. I should be around more after this week, though, definitely ready for the playoff push in the NHL.
  4. Shattenkirk to the Caps? Hopefully that'll get you to come post in the NHL forum and help me out lol
  5. lol there we go... that was harder than I thought. thanks bud
  6. Yes, for example

    it would be like this, but with the [ ] instead of ** }

  7. so i have to type the tags in and then post the string of numbers of the url between them?
  8. You should be able to embed tweets. Use [tweet] as the tags, and you want the string of numbers on the end of the url.
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