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Conversation Between sacgiants1213 and Lakers + Giants

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  1. Looks good to me!
  2. 350821633776
  3. Do you?
  4. Any 2 of those 4 for Holliday and Mccann and you think it's a good deal for me?
  5. Ask for two of these: Latos, Cingrani, Harvey, Smardzjia... any combination of those 4.
  6. **** it hopefullly he accpets that deal or switches Harvey with Simardzija, if not I'll take the initial offer that included Ogando, **** it.
  7. I would do those 2 for Matt Harvey in a heart beat. McCann is damageed gooods. Harvey is a top 10 SP. He's going to reject.
  8. I countered with Holliday+McCann for Latos+Simardzija/Matt Harvey
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