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Conversation Between hughest4 and unleashthebeast

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  1. youure up
  2. Hey dude just sent it in, just lemme know when you have too. Nice dealing
  3. hey dude would you want to figure out a Tannehill deal? I think i asked before but i'm not sure
  4. dolphins here. would like to get my hands on Ramsey if possible
  5. you are now on the clock
  6. sall good, the guy ahead of u still hasnt picked
  7. Yeahh, i definitely would have but my internet has been so bad that i really havent been able to do the research ahead of time. My bad.
  8. ay man send in a list if u can, for your next pick. try to keep the draft moving as much as we can
  9. I think i'm going to keep the pick. With that said, the Packers are actively shopping the pick which is 3 away...if you are interested.
  10. essentially anyone can be had, but im not gonna give anything great for the pick. u like kassim osgood?
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