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Conversation Between Aust and PatsSoxKnicks

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  1. I've gone on the Pats reddit and haven't really seen it. Weird.

    Also, sounds like Revis never wanted to be in NE anyways from what Reiss/McCourty said:

    What's disappointing is that Ty Law couldn't get him to stick in NE.
  2. The Jones talk is mainly on twitter and the Pats reddit
  3. I don't get how people have soured on Jones. The guy got injured last year but he was very productive before the injury. The guy who's honestly overrated is Nink who while awesome with his timely sacks, he can't consistently rush the passer. And his sacks generally take longer. I'm hoping he becomes a situational guy where he's in on run downs since he's a great run defender and we go with Sheard for passing downs, tho Sheard is more of an all purpose guy.

    But the hate for Jones (which tbh, I haven't seen) is flat out dumb. He's by far our best pass rusher, or at least was till we got Sheard.
  4. This is the repeat of the Chiefs game.
    Pats fans on social media are unbearable too. They have completely soured on Chandler Jones calling him garbage and not worth an extension. I hope Jones benefits from Sheard and shuts people up.
  5. Pats forum is unbearable right now lol. It's like we were a 6-10 team before Revis was here. And it's like every SB winning team before 13 never existed because you absolutely need dominating corners to win apparently
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