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Conversation Between mgjohnson7851 and Norm

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  1. I have the SBMVP!
  2. Just saw your visitor message. Only thing you need to know about the Broncos is they need a QB, a tackle, and another pass rusher. Oh and TE's. Lots of the young guys don't have name value yet though so that will hurt you.
  3. What should I know about being the broncos GM lol
  4. Ha I just saw that. I haven't been on a computer for awhile and tapatalk doesn't get visitor messages. My bad.

    I have not been playing any good games lately. Got bored with Mass Effect, and still play Overwatch. I'm just basically waiting for the fall when all the good games come out lol. What are you playing these days?
  5. The fact some one spammed a mod is hilarious. Did you see that on your vms
  6. Been playing any games lately? I think you said you were into Mass Effect?

    Anything else...looking for suggestions.
  7. up againinsinskjms
  8. Appears you are up
  9. Yeah you can tell everyone is completely lost. I saw you had to be level 25. It's still fun so far but you can tell nobody has a clue what's going on.
  10. Yeah dude it gets crazy addictive. Right now you're likely playing with the Christmas noobs, but once you hit level 25 you can do your placement matches and get away from them as long as you're good lol.
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