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Conversation Between socalpkrbkr and hughest4

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  1. What up dude! It's all Dwight Howard's fault!
  2. Whats up bro, good to see you back.
  3. Miss you old friend. Packers forum isnt the same without you.
  4. Haha i might actually consider this option.
  5. the cpu of course...
  6. put that **** on mute and leave it at the end of the bed
  7. I'm not sure if ill make it tonight. Some girl might be over.
  8. So what time should I get ready on the cpu?
  9. Yea i don't think there is any. Its weird...they only show Prelims sometimes.
  10. I was looking right now at the guide and I didn't see any prelims on Spike.
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