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Conversation Between socalpkrbkr and Wilson

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  1. SoCal
  2. Wiiiiiillllllllssssssoooooonnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Wow you retired too? I'm back for a few days or so, hope to see you around.

    Also, go Steelers

  4. Take care dude and thanks for all your help
  5. Cool, sounds good to me. Welcome aboard man.
  6. I've just been given mod powers in the Lakers forum, so just letting you know I can help out in there now
  7. Someone's started another thread about Kobe becoming the Lakers' scoring leader, can you merge it with the sticked one?
  8. I became a mod yesterday for the Packers forum. Maybe in the future I'll be given more responsibility.
  9. Hey when did you become a mod? And where will you be modding?

    Just curious
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