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Conversation Between wwfd1220 and Norm

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  1. I just realized you replied to me ages ago about that pic thing lol Was on your own wall so I didn't know. Anyways, he found my twitter and it had my real name so he googled that and found my facebook. Stalker ****.

    I was going to ask though, when Harrell went Dukes mode, was game 4 when he woke up and drained the shot for a giant check that said 10k? lol
  2. You see that aheili30 guy? He posted my real name and pic of me from like 9th grade (still can't figure out how he found that). He's been trolling me and posting pics of me and ******** for months. So I figured I'd make his wife my sig.

    Maybe next I'll post his young daughter and see if he keeps ****ing with me.
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